Dear Friends,

With the next expansion Cataclysm being released in the next few months, I would like to share the vision of me the guild leader and the officers. Cataclysm will bring a host of new and powerful guild tools for us to use.

Therefore we like to share with our vision;

Our goal is to create an environment where we can enjoy, World of Warcraft to the most, this is an environment where we can, hang around, craft, pvp and pve. The guild needs to form a solid base to provide this all to her members, but must also turn into a place to share knowledge, power and epic stories.

To create this environment we like to guild to grow in the next few months before cataclysm, we would like to create an active player base of around 30 to 35 members. This will open up a whole host of possibilities for us. It will give us full access to all the new guild options, the possibility to run dual 10 man group and/or a 25 man group.

We’d like to propose to you to slowly start recruiting players with our mindset into the guild over the next few months. We like to do this slowly so we can feel them out, and see if they are right for us.

We would not do this, without your approval though; therefore we want your opinion. We would be happy to receive your opinions in game chat, on vent or even on msn. With your opinion we will then work further to make our plans.

I can understand that you might be hesitant to these changes, but none have been made yet and we are only exploring possibilities. To create a fun and loving environment for a reasonable big player base which we all can benefit from.

Kind Regards,

Your Guildleader & Officers